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Expansion phase

In 2008, relations between Brazil and Canada intensified. Apart from the expansion of trade relations – fostered by import and export opportunities –, and the record results achieved in Brazil by several industries, such as mining and construction, further encouraged Canadian investments like that of Kinross – which allocated US$ 550 million to tripling production at the Rio Paracatu Mineração unit in the State of Minas Gerais – and that of Research in Motion (RIM), a technology giant that decided to set up operations in the country following the success achieved by the BlackBerry, its best-known product. In turn, investments in Canada were upheld by Brazil, represented by Gerdau, Vale, Votorantim and other companies of similar caliber. Another important factor was the decision of the Brazilian government to add the Canadian market to the priority roster of its export strategy, which will greatly benefit bilateral trade. In the midst of this scenario, the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC) reinforces its role, fostering relations between the two countries on the trade, cultural, social and technological planes. In the year it completed 35 years since its foundation, CCBC, among other initiatives, actively participated in planning president Lula’s visit to Canada, which only did not take place due to an election having been called in that country only a few days prior to the scheduled period. This event nevertheless resulted in the realization, in December of 2008, of a Prospection Mission in partnership with Apex-Brazil, in which representatives of associations of the hospital, foundry and technology sectors had close contact with opportunities offered by the Canadian market, during visits made to the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. In 2009, the objective is to undertake four trade missions, promoting the exchange of information and bringing about mutual understanding. Only together can we overcome the period of worldwide economic crisis more calmly, hoping that it will be short-lasted.

Fabio Seabra, President of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce

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