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New horizons

Two issues dominate the CBCC agenda at the moment: the possibility of a presidential visit to Canada in 2009 and commemorating the 35th anniversary of the house, completed in September. The first theme, the CBCC is working on this project for over a year, dedicating themselves intensively in the past four months to form a business mission, because the trip was scheduled for the end of September. During this period there was a great effort from the entire staff and several directors at CBCC.

Finally, the visit was canceled days before they occur, due to the general elections convening in Canada. The feeling, at first, was frustrating, because time and resources investment, but the result ended up being positive. The CBCC has grown institutionally. The coordination process, planning and operation carried out together with the of the two countries Embassies and Consulates, in addition to the Foreign Affairs and Development, Industry and Trade Ministries of Brazil, has been widely recognized, entitled to express gratitude of the two Ambassadors. It also identified several business sectors interested in expanding bilateral relations, which generate other trade missions. Crowning it all, the Brazilian government included Canada as a priority in its strategy for export, announced in September. The commemoration of CCBC 35th anniversary, in turn, occurs at a time of institutional strengthening of the entity, by actively encouraging all the bilateral relationship activities. We are convinced that these relations are in an extremely favorable period of booming. The CBCC will certainly remain exerting its role as a primer, seeking new horizons and participating in all activities that contribute to the strengthening of relations between Brazil and Canada.

Editorial Board

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