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Member tells how she managed to open her business in Canada

Setting up a business overseas is an experience that raises many questions to entrepreneurs, especially regarding bureaucracy. However, facing the positive aspects of internationalization, in general, those who decide to go ahead do not regret it.

This is the case of Carolina Hack, director of GCS Company (GC5 in Canada), who moved to Canada and identified an opportunity to expand her business in the North American country. "GCS was already looking for business diversification in order to minimize risks and increase participation in new branches of the business. In addition, we found out that Canada is a very organized country that offers support and encourages entrepreneurship, whose laws and rules are clear, simple and effective. The proximity to the United States is also an advantage because it expands the business possibilities,” she explained.

The company start had previous market research, proving business viability in Canada. According to Paulo de Castro Reis, Director of Institutional Relations and Business Affairs at CCBC, this kind of assessment is essential. "Launching any operation, whether in Brazil or abroad, should always be preceded by a research. Considering the importance of such an international project, this diagnosis is fundamental before taking any decision,” he said.

Research suggested potential for export/import focusing on the Pharmaceutical sector, so the company can choose to operate in trade intermediation focusing on the Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic segment, using technology and automated platforms. "Using new technologies is our main differential, as they allow our operations to be more competitive."

Regarding the requirements, items to deal with include choosing the type of company, tax and accounting structure, solved issues, according to the entrepreneur, supported by business experts in Canada.

According to Luiz Sérgio Castro e Silva, company founder and partner in Brazil, CCBC’s support by means of information and explanations about the Canadian business environment – in addition to enabling the study "Research and Development of the Pharmaceutical Sector in Canada" that shows the country’s market potential – was very important. "We kept an agenda where we have talked about different topics, from basic requirements to set up a business to potential partnerships, building up absolute confidence for us to go forward”, he told.

In addition to the support of a partner in Brazil with expertise in the Canadian market such as CCBC, the executive suggests that whoever is interested should seek institutions in Canada to provide that kind of information. "GC5 has attended courses and lectures at Enterprise Toronto, a local institution that helps entrepreneurs to make their companies viable, similar to Sebrae in Brazil," explained Castro e Silva.

"We are very pleased when we see the whole evolution of a company, from the first studies to its implementation in Canada, as it happened with GC5. CCBC is here to help anyone who is interested in the Canadian market!”, concluded Paulo de Castro Reis.

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